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Commercial Roofing, Reliable and Ready

Commercial Roofing Experts in MD

New Castle Constructs understands the critical importance of maintaining your commercial roof to ensure the seamless operation of your business. Regardless of your business's size, we are here to offer energy-efficient and cost-effective roofing solutions. Selecting the ideal roofing company is paramount to protect your investments and maximize the value you gain from our services.


We extend free inspections to all businesses, allowing us to thoroughly evaluate your roof's condition and offer suitable repair or replacement options. Ready to begin? Contact our team of roofing experts today to schedule your complimentary inspection.

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Commercial Roofing Service By NCC

At New Castle Constructs, we specialize in delivering top-notch commercial roofing solutions including repair for businesses of all sizes. Our expertise, experience, and unwavering commitment to excellence make us the trusted choice for your commercial roofing projects.

What We Have To Offer

Competitive Pricing

 Industry-lead competitive pricing that outbids the competition without the unnecessary add-ons. 

Testing Guarantee

All residential and commercial installations are matched with troubleshooting and quality analysis to ensure their durability before the job is completed.

Competitive Warranties

Protect your investment with access to some of the industry’s most exclusive warranties for roofing, siding, and more.

Customer Support

Contact the team and receive immediate answers to all of your residential and commercial property issues.

Our Roofing Services Includes

Asphalt Shingles

Our asphalt shingle roofs offer affordability and versatility, enhancing your home's curb appeal while providing reliable protection against the elements.

Metal Roofing

Opt for our metal roofing solutions for unbeatable longevity, energy efficiency, and modern aesthetics, adding value and protection to your property.

Steep Slope

We specialize in steep slope roofing solutions, ensuring your roof not only looks great but also functions flawlessly in challenging terrain.

Tile Roofing

Our tile roofing systems combine beauty and resilience, offering a durable and stylish choice for your home's roofing needs.

Low Slope Roofs

Our expertise in low slope roofing guarantees efficient water drainage and long-lasting performance, keeping your property safe and dry.

Slate Roofing

Choose our slate roofing for timeless elegance and exceptional durability, making a stunning statement while withstanding the test of time.

Luxury Roofing

Elevate your home with our luxury roofing options, tailored to provide both aesthetic appeal and premium protection, giving your property a touch of sophistication.

Roofing Projects Completed in Your Area

Why We Are Top Rated Roofing Company

We're a top-rated roofing company due to our quality work, years of experience, and satisfied customers. Trust us for roofing excellence.

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